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After LASIK Eye Surgery: 5 Things to Expect During LASIK Recovery

LASIK is an excellent procedure if you are tired of wearing those boring glasses or contact lenses. So if you already decided to have Lasik surgery in Delhi (visual aids centre), you might be thinking about what recovery from this surgery looks like. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the recovery from LASIK eye surgery. 

Well, rest is considered an important factor after having Lasik eye surgery. Just after the procedure, your surgeon will recommend you to relax and have a good nap after going home. Also to protect your eyes during the initial healing process, your surgeon will give you a clear shield before sending you back home. You have to wear that shield while sleeping so that you do not accidentally rub or hurt your eyes. If you do so, it might result in serious damage. It is also suggested to take a few days off from work. At least for a week. 

Many people who had Lasik eye surgery, didn't experience much pain after the surgery. Although, it is completely normal to feel a slight burning sensation or a scratchy feeling in your eyes a few hours after the surgery. Also, you may notice some frequent changes in your vision the whole day. You don't need to worry about that. It's totally normal. In fact, having these vision changes and dry eyes are very common for at least a month. Well, you may also feel this urge to rub your eyes but you strictly shouldn't. The FDA is against this, as it can cause serious damage to your eyes. Some of the other side effects are:- 

  • Sensitivity to light. 
  • Some sort of discomfort and pain. 
  • A blurry vision. 
  • An unstable night vision. 
  • Glare and halos. 

Moreover, it basically takes six months for your eyes to recover fully and to have a stabilized vision. Almost all the side effects are temporary but they could be permanent in rare cases. In case you feel severe pain or discomfort it's important to let your doctor know immediately. It is also suggested not to skip any of your appointments after having the surgery. Lasik surgery cost in India (visual aids centre) is affordable, hence many people have this procedure done. But it's also important to take all the precautions listed and follow your surgeon's advice. You are required to see your doctor within 48 hours of the surgery. Your doctor will examine your eyes to make sure there aren't any chances of infections. He/she will send you back with some eye drops to prevent inflammation you might be facing. If you will follow your doctor's advice, you'll heal faster.


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